Solar Farm Operations & Maintenance

Managing & maintaining solar farms across the United Kingdom & Ireland

Solar Farm Operations & Maintenance

At Greenheath we aim to provide effective operations and maintenance services. It is our intention to create and maintain Long term relationships with our clients based on what we view as the fundamental elements of our already successful business

Health & Safety is paramount within our organisation and this is what motivates our management and staff, by protecting our people we believe we can secure their employment in the long term whilst giving our clients the confidence that assets are being managed in by people who care.

Value is a major factor when considering an O&M contractor and at Greenheath we fully understand this. Our business has grown across several competitive markets and we use our diverse supplier base to find the best market value for our clients whilst always keeping the focus on the quality of the service we provide.

Quality of service and and availability is a key component when we consider how we deliver our service on a regional and national basis. We have strategically appointed personnel and plant in all regions of Britain, this allows us to respond to System notifications and calls from DNOs and security well within contracted reaction times.

Our Personnel can report and act according to any given situation, Our staff and contractors are fully trained, certified and approved in each of their fields. This ranges from SAPs, APs, Electricians, Joiners, Solar PV approved installers, Groundskeeping and Landscaping teams Construction and civils teams and security specialists.

24/7 Support is maintained through providing dedicated Phones, Tuff books and email addresses in each region backed up by a central administrator at our Suffolk head office. The callout teams work on a rota basis, helping us to effectively manage fatigue and ensure we always have the right people available.



We offer a total monitoring service, providing alerts as well as actual data. This can be used to attain optimal efficiency during the life of the plant. Our dedicated monitoring center provides our engineers with the real-time information they need to diagnose and correct efficiency problems.

Accurate and regular collection of data helps us to evaluate preventative maintenance schedules. Therefore enabling us to find cost savings, on behalf of our clients, where Possible.



We understand that effective responses to system faults are key to the optimal operation of any solar PV plant.

Greenheath provides 24h, 365 day access to the following personnel;

  • SAPs (Senior Authorized Persons)
  • LV electricians
  • Solar PV installers
  • Grounds keeping staff
  • Security response teams

Our on call teams react to system alerts and contact from DNO control rooms in the appropriate manner, by identifying solutions and assessing the cost effectiveness of any potential works. This allows us to communicate with the client on a work-order, or ticketing system, that provides commercial transparency to our partners and clients.

We provide national coverage using authorised and accredited internal staff and contractors on a region by region basis, this approach allows Greenheath to attend sites well within the contracted response time requirements anywhere in Britain and Ireland .


Every Solar Park has individual needs. This means different ecological strategies as well as electrical and structural components, We can help tailor your annual maintenance schedules to deliver cost effective performance from every site.


At Greenheath we can help our clients comply with the ecological requirements of each site whilst managing the the environment surrounding the asset, using the latest and most efficient plant and equipment for grass cutting, Weed control and grounds maintenance tasks.

Modules & supporting Structure

Our Pv installation teams can check every aspect of of the main plant structure/frame as well as the modules and arrays, this gives us the ability to prepare for weather events. Also we can use the information collected in performance analysis

HV and LV Equipment

We offer the complete package when managing your assets. We offer a holistic package that encompasses all aspects of effective operation of the generation site. Our experience in managing our own Generation assets has helped us to develop a robust approach to the health and safety aspects and the operational aspects of running a Solar PV Plant.

We Utilise the same people as points of contact for DNOs as we use for operations and maintenance. This means the SAPs and qualified electricians who carry out inspections and preventative works on the customer equipment are the same highly skilled people named on DNO SRS documents.

This approach allows our teams to have a complete overview of the site history in the short and in the long term.

Our teams are assigned specific sites for their regions, this promotes familiarity and a sense of ownership which in turn leads to a safer working environment for all.


Our monitoring team constantly analyse the data from all of our solar PV plants. Our software generates daily reports which detail comparisons against meteorological and local pyranometer data.

We submit reports which provide all the key information needed in order to review the performance of the system. The report will clearly state the dates on which the data has been extracted and will show each system’s performance against design output for the month as well as year to date. We will indicate the system’s energy output in kWh along with the systems design output; this is displayed in data and graph format. The amount of CO2 saved is calculated, as well as the income generated for both the month and year to date.


Our solar PV plants have full perimeter protection by static cameras, with built-in infra-red lighting and thermal imaging cameras.

Any breach of security rules and regulations on the solar farm will be detected by specifically designed analytical software which will then process and analyse the recorded images. When an abnormality is detected within the perimeter, the recording is automatically transmitted to the remote video receiving centre via satellite broadband.


Scheduled & reactive module cleaning

Clean panels operate up to 30% more efficiently so it is very important to establish a regular and effective cleaning regimen. Our fully automated panel cleaning machines enable us to provide this service in-house, ensuring the glass covering the solar cell is free from dirt and operating to its maximum capacity.


Being able to provide these services in-house allows us to easily synchronise the ground maintenance and module cleaning. Once grass cutting and hedge trimming has been carried out, this can result in dust and vegetation landing on the panels. We can immediately send in our module cleaning teams to minimise any lost output.




As a responsible employer, we recognise our responsibilities for the health and safety of our employees and anyone affected by our actions. We believe our employees, or subcontractors working on our behalf, have the right to work in safe and healthy conditions. These conditions are created and maintained by having clear health and safety policies systems and procedures

The Company recognises and accepts the general duties imposed upon the Company as an employer under the Health and safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent Health and Safety Regulations appertaining to its operation.



Centralised national management gives us the ability to effectively report on and administer our contracts.

Regional operations means we can react swiftly to any call for support, this also gives us the ability to reduce costs and offer realistic rates to our clients.



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